What is a Siva Lingam?

Lingams are representative forms of the creative force of nature। It’s very interesting to see that the oven-birds, the bees and termites use these building forms usually। Are also well known in India, as a symbol of the force of Lord Siva.

*Armanath temple in Janmu, India*

In Vrindavan, India this famous ling is known with the name of Gopesvara Mahadeva, and is one of the four protectors of the sacred place. It is said that no one can go inside the upper reaches of the sanctuary, without the mercy of Gopesvara Mahadeva.

*Gopesvara Mahadeva temple, Vrindavan India*

Lord Siva is in charge of the mode of ignorance and also of the destruction of the material manifestation of the universe. From Lord Siva starts the mystical school called Rudra Sampradaya.

*Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States*

*Mama Cocha Sanctuary in Chancay, Perú*

In this blog, we want to show some of the natural beauties manifestations of the Siva lingam, which are sanctuaries by themselves.

*Kailash mountain in Tibet, India*